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At Consol Glass, our approach to manufacturing is one of innovation and collaboration, working side by side with our customers to create a product that fits their needs perfectly and exceeds their expectations in beauty, function and quality. Glass offers great diversity in terms of visual and tactile enhancements, as well as the addition of secondary packaging, to differentiate premium products from competitors and increase shelf-appeal. Our wide range of "home grown” innovations and product enhancement services are testimony to the innovative approach we embrace at Consol, as well as the functionality and versatility of our glass offering. We are also committed to responding to the needs of niche markets and smaller clients, such as the microbreweries industry, for whom we regularly create turn-key glass packaging solutions.

Below you’ll find some of the many collaborative marketing options, product innovations and process enhancements that make our glass packaging the most impactful, beautiful and versatile option for top quality products. 

A beautiful and tactile enhancement, embossed (raised) and debossed (relief) additions can be added to any part of any bottle or jar to make a powerful packaging statement.

The visual impression of all embossing techniques helps to generate consumer interaction with the package.

A common base feature of bottles, a push-up is the indentation of the base upwards, towards the top of the bottle. All bottles have a push-up of sorts, and few are ever completely flat. They may be relatively shallow or as deep as 49mm to add a strikingly elegant look to premium wines, for instance.

Another South African first from Consol, black glass is the result of technical processes using either copper or specialised firing techniques in the furnace, creating a beautiful jet-black product that generates interest and an upmarket look and feel for your brand.

Perfect for special anniversary or limited-edition bottles and jars, sleeving is flexible and allows for high quality printing and special effects. Several optional enhancements, such as print protection and clear windows, are also available.

We operate two state-of-the-art SACMI PSL label machines, achieving label speeds of 24,000bph and supporting both large and small runs. This technique results in a humidity-resistant solution with a premium, “no-label” look.

This technique can be applied in three colours, and over 360° of the bottle’s surface, both on the body and neck. It adds an attractive tactile quality and scuff-proof finish.

This is done with no heavy metals and in virtually any colour. UV decorating allows enhanced print definition for intricate designs.

Coating can be used to achieve a number of different attractive finishes, such as opaque-glossy, transparent-glossy, matte, satin, metallic and more. This process involves no heavy metals and can be applied in virtually any colour. 

Forehearth colouring involves adding colourants, known as frit, to flint (colourless) glass, as opposed to producing coloured glass in a furnace. Consol has mastered this technique and is able to offer this service to local industry with confidence and the required expertise. Particularly popular in wine bottle products, the range of colours currently available includes light blue and Georgian green.

Today’s glass bottles are over 40% lighter than they would have been 40 years ago. Lightweighting is an important innovation that allows us to create more eco-friendly and affordable products.

A first in South Africa, this innovative manufacturing process allows us to create two different products simultaneously, giving our customers increased flexibility and better affordability. Married runs also make it possible for us to accommodate smaller production runs – ideal for promotional campaigns.


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